Vietnam Yoga Trek


November 1 to 14th 2024

Available spots: 1

Doris is hosting a 14-day yoga, trekking and cultural excursion in northern Vietnam, home of the most magnificent hillside scenery.  It will culminate in a visit to Cat Ba Island. Each day will consist of an hour’s early morning yoga class followed by a 5–6-hour trek of around 10 miles.  The evenings will be spent in homestays with local Vietnamese families.

SIGN UP BY JUN 15: $2,699 | JULY 15: $2,799

For more information, please email Doris Yoga for registration, what to bring, cost includes & excludes, deposit fee, travel insurance, and terms and conditions.


Itinerary Outline

Nov 1 (Day 1): Fly into Hanoi, Night in Hanoi Pearl hotel (Welcome Dinner)

Nov 2 (Day 2): Drive to Ha Giang and Hoang Su Phi districts, Night with local family (Morning Yoga, 2-hour Trekking)

Nov 3 (Day 3): Trek terraced rice fields and Red Dzao Village of Hoang Su Phi, Night with local family (Morning Yoga, 3-hour Trekking)

Nov 4 (Day 4): Trek terraced rice fields and Thong Nguyen Village of Hoang Su Phi, Hoang Su Phi Bungalow (Morning Yoga, 5.5-hour Trekking)

Nov 5 (Day 5): Drive to Ha Giang City trek Thon Tha and Van Do villages, Night with local family (Morning Yoga, 3-hour Trekking)

Nov 6 (Day 6): Drive to Dong Van Stops at Pho Bang village, Night in Hoa Cuong Hotel (Morning Yoga)

Nov 7 (Day 7): Dong Van trek to Thien Huong Village and Nho Que River, Night in Hoa Cuong Hotel (Morning Yoga, 4.5-hour Trekking)

Nov 8 (Day 8): Walk to Meo Vac visit markets and trek Happiness trails, Night with local family (Morning Yoga, 2-hour Trekking)

Nov 9 (Day 9): Take a cruise on the Nho Que river and drive to Quan Ba, Night with local family (Morning Yoga)

Nov 10 (Day 10): Drive to Hanoi, Night in Hanoi Pearl hotel (Morning Yoga)

Nov 11 (Day 11): Drive to Ca Ba Island trek Cat Ba National Park, Night in Cat Ba Island Resort (Morning Yoga, 4-hour Trekking)

Nov 12 (Day 12): Tour Cat Ba Island, drive to Hanoi, Night in Hanoi Pearl hotel (Morning Yoga)

Nov 13 (Day 13):Free day in Hanoi, Night in Hanoi Pearl hotel (Morning Yoga)

Nov 14 (Day 14): Return Flight home

What People Are Saying

“Hey Doris, I can’t thank you enough for taking me along on an adventure of a lifetime! I had Morocco on my vision board and you helped make it a reality. I absolutely loved the country, culture and landscape. Everything was organized so well and we were able to accomplish trekking, yoga, sightseeing and traveling! The accommodations we stayed at were such a gem of a place, boutique hotels. Your network of people really knew the insides of Morocco and guided us all along the way.

Thank you for being patient and compassionate in every situation and becoming my strongest support system all along the trip. Your energy and vitality is unmatched and your ability to motivate and keep us all glued together made the trip even more memorable. The friendships I have made on the trip will be cherished! For someone who comes from a conservative background like me, this trip had the right mix of adventure and safety woven in. It really helped me open myself to new possibilities and all that credit goes to you!” Veena, Morocco 2024 Trekker

“I had a wonderful time with Doris and our trip buddies. Combining yoga and trekking in Morocco is an unforgettable experience. Imagine sunrise yoga sessions amidst the majestic Atlas Mountains, followed by exhilarating hikes through valleys and Berber villages. In the evenings, relax in cozy riads and savor delicious Moroccan cuisine. Not to mention riding a camel in the Sahara Desert to our glamping station. This unique adventure offers a chance to challenge myself  physically, reconnect with nature, and unwind in a stunning setting. Doris and the guides took really good care of us. Will definitely join Doris again for other adventures in the future.” Risa, Morocco 2024 Trekker

“This is a very unique experience. It’s my first time in Nepal. There were many worries and uncertainties before going. However, when we practiced yoga for the first time in the morning and witnessed the sunrise gradually turning the Annapurna South mountain into a golden hue, the awe and excitement were indescribable.

Doris combines yoga with trekking, and it has to be said that yoga training tailored for trekking has been beneficial for us. It helps reduce the risk of knee and ankle injuries during climbs and ascends, and the grips assist us in relaxing and maintaining balance.

The most surprising aspect of the entire trip was that both the accommodation and food exceeded our expectations! The team including the guides and porters were incredible and provided attentive service! This was a perfect and truly unforgettable journey of a lifetime!”  Ying, Nepal 2023 Trekker

“Nepal Nepal.. a dream since I was in my late 20th and became reality last year in my mid-70th.

The experience was beyond what I had in mind. I would not have made it if I wasn’t in the physical shape I am today thanks to Doris’s almost daily training . The feeling of achievement every day after these long and challenging hikes was rewarding and reassuring of what we can accomplish when we take care of ourselves mentally and physically.

Nepal teaches us that we need very few things to be happy. The energy is fantastic.. the views as you hike makes one forgets of what’s ahead… steps, steps and more steps. Furthermore, along the path you come across so many happy children coming out of school smiling and asking for chocolate, and working people who teach you about hardships and resilience.

I highly recommend this trip! I still visualize our early morning routines with Doris and the Himalayan mountain in front of me, still dreaming..” Francina, Nepal 2023 Trekker