Class Schedule

Joining a Doris Yoga livestream class for the first time?

Helpful props to have on hand:

  • yoga strap (rope or belt may also work)
  • 5-6″ ball (2)
  • yoga block (2)
  • 12” heavy resistance band
  • 1/2″ resistance band of 10-35 lbs. 
  • Core Stability Grips
  • chair
  • wall

Helpful information to create a better class environment for you:

Join the meeting a few minutes before we start to check your setup.

When joining the meeting, please turn on your audio and video so I can see you and hear you.

Just like in a normal class, I would like to be able to provide verbal feedback.

  • Place your webcam/device 6 feet from your mat and also have it on something that will give you a top-down view.
  • Place your mat in a side view position so that I can see your entire body while in a lying down position.
  • Have a chair handy to use as a prop.
  • Be near a wall that you can use as a prop.
  • Create a space in your home that you can dedicate 60 minutes to focus on you.