What is Doris Yoga?


Doris Yoga is vitality. Doris yoga is body awareness and control, actively engaging muscles we may not be accustomed to engaging, strengthening them so we can improve balance, build a stronger core, and live pain-free.


Live Online Classes

Assemble your props and join Doris for a live session online from anywhere in the world. Turn your camera on as Doris demonstrates the poses and watches over all participants offering adjustments. The class is just as effective as an in-person class.

Group Studio Classes

Practice in studios across Mountain View, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and Monterey Bay. The classes are led by Doris and take place at gyms or her private studio. These are small groups with practitioners of all levels.

Private Sessions

One-on-one hour long private or semi-private (2 people) sessions to address your unique needs. These can take place online from the comfort of your home or studios where Doris teaches.

Yoga Treks

Deepen your practice and trek around the world. Start your day with Doris Yoga and then use those newly activated and engaged muscles to trek. Trips in 2024 planned for Morocco, Dolomites, Vietnam and Nepal/Bhutan.