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Doris is a gifted yoga teacher who has transformed her students’ lives. Her classes focus on building core strength, realigning the body, and living pain-free. Students describe her as tough yet inspiring, with a deep knowledge of muscles and body mechanics. Many credit her techniques with healing injuries, improving athletic performance, gaining strength, and feeling years younger.

Doris Yoga students rave about its transformative power, praising:

  • Pain relief: From back and knee pain to chronic conditions, Doris’ unique methods address the root cause, not just the symptoms.
  • Strength and alignment: Build a “360-degree core” to move efficiently and effortlessly, whether running, climbing, or everyday life.
  • Body awareness: Learn how your muscles work and engage them properly, preventing injuries and maximizing your potential.
  • Personalized attention: Small class sizes ensure individual guidance and customized exercises for optimal results.
  • Beyond yoga: Doris’ innovative core work goes beyond traditional practice, delivering impactful results.


I have been with Doris for several years now, following her love and light. When I am away, returning to the mat with her is like having tea with an old friend- comforting, grounding. She listens intently, adjusting her class to meet my needs. Movement with her has helped me grow into my power and strength in ways I did not think possible. She cheers me on and pushes me to reach my full potential and best self during our time together. Several times through the day, I find myself correcting my posture, reaching for a prop, or breathing into my collar bones. These tools she provides to care for my body, soul and spirit make carrying on into the second half of my life something to look forward to and not dread as we have so wrongly been taught to do. Take her classes, she will change your form, function and therefore your life. Megan G.

Doris is more than a yoga teacher – she’s a body guru and innovator. Doris fearlessly dedicates herself to exploring new ways to align the body and build core strength. She won’t be satisfied until her students are pain free and strong enough to play and move like they were 12 years old (even those of us who are quite a bit older than that!). Since I started working with Doris, I’ve traded my back pain for more energy and taken up running. A Doris Yoga class leaves me feeling better than a massage (and I have a fantastic massage therapist!). I wish everyone had the opportunity to study with Doris. Marielle S.

I’ve been taking classes with Doris for more than 5 years – a feat for someone like myself who bounced around across various classes and exercise routines. I’ve become a regular because Doris has a truly inspiring teaching style and a constantly fresh approach to the discipline of yoga. The class is not traditional yoga, but rather focused on building core strength, and re-aligning the body thrown off by the demands of modern life. Her techniques are unique, well-informed by her years of teaching and knowledge of the body, and the constant innovations bring endless fun to each class! Each time I leave her class I feel re-set and centered, and more aware of my own body. I give credit to Doris’s teaching for my ability to bounce back quickly from kidney stone issues, knee injuries and the recent birth of my daughter at 51 years old. I consider this class a foundation of my hard-won self-care routine. Thank you Doris! Jennifer B.

I have been religiously attending Doris Yoga classes at least weekly for the past 6 years. Though I am now older than when I started, my body feels younger and stronger. I have a better understanding of how my muscles work, which translates into less or no pain on a daily basis. Doris is a great role model for how one can be strong and fit at any age. Irene D.

Doris is a phenomenon. She’s a wizard; a medicine woman. She is able to teach anyone and everyone plenty of new tricks, because she has never stopped making new discoveries herself. Thanks to Doris I learned that your core involves your psoas (connecting your trunk to your legs), and that your “360-degree core” (a term I now love) involves your lats in a big way. What does that mean concretely? It cured my neck pain at my desk job; it cured my long-standing shoulder pain while swimming and climbing; and it cured my hip pain while hiking. It’s not an exaggeration to say she has helped me turn back the clock 10 years on this 40-something body of mine. I don’t mean my looks (although let’s claim a 2-3-year rollback on that, too), I mean how alive and capable and pain free I feel. The value is beyond gold. Strength and vitality make everything in life better. Kelly H.

Since taking Doris’s class, my body, mind and soul have grown stronger. My body is able to adjust and maintain healthy muscle activity throughout the day at work, yoga, and when I trampoline. The strengthening of my body through Doris’s teachings has improved my mindfulness; more over helped me become more open to new challenges and reexamine established attitudes without fear and anger. I feel more at peace and more appreciative of the wonders of just being in the moment.  Now, I have a greater understanding of how to integrate all aspects of body, mind and soul to become one continuous flow of centeredness. Emil M.

Doris is a wizard! After a severe spinal injury left me wondering if I’d ever be able to walk normally again (let alone run/hike/climb/ski), and physical therapy wasn’t doing much to help, I found Doris. I am thankful every day for her. I can’t fully describe how much her class and methods have done for me. I am stronger now than I ever was before. I am a faster and more efficient runner, and by far a more efficient climber. She has given me balance, strength, and the knowledge and ability to engage my muscles as they were designed to be used. I feel like I am well on my way to having a “fully functional 360-degree core” as she says. She is tough, and her class will crush you. But it is worth every second. Thank you, Doris! Jen V.

Doris Yoga is a highlight in my week! And I feel the positive effects for 1-2 days after. For the first time someone is paying detailed attention to my entire musculoskeletal system and giving me exercises that work. I’ve been training with Doris for a month now, after my friend told me that Doris Yoga helped her regain height! That’s right. She’s measuring 1 inch taller now consistently (not a one-off data point) at the doctor’s office. Doris discovered immediately that my right hip flexors are weaker, spotted the gaps in my abs and lats and helped me strengthen them in this short period of time. I have much to work on and train but already see the incredible effects. My movements have improved tremendously! Running is easier, dancing is much more fun. Smoother, more range of motion and freer. She’s picky like an old-school ballet teacher who comes around and really does the micro adjustments, the slight pivoting of the heel that makes the world of a difference. She is devoted and not focused on herself. I’ve seen many yoga teachers show off their gorgeous poses but don’t move around to help the newbies. She’s devoted to her students’ successes and celebrates the small wins from day 1. I’m not surprised that she has many, many followers! I’ve become one of them. Schirin R.

I have been a student of Doris for over 5 years, both in person and on Zoom. I first came to her after unsuccessful attempts with acupuncture, acupressure, other types of yoga, and physical therapy to help with chronic shoulder pain stemming from an old injury and lots of desk work. Doris’s alignment-based classes were the only thing to provide lasting pain relief. Doris’s classes are truly unique because she trains you how to strengthen your muscles and use them to move and heal your body. I have turned to Doris to help me through two pregnancies—one of them with in-person classes and one entirely on Zoom. Her classes helped me manage the extra aches and pains of pregnancy and recover much more quickly than I otherwise would have. Doris also always keeps it fresh. Over the years she has added new poses, props, and mental imagery to keep classes interesting and to challenge our bodies and minds in new ways. I have practiced yoga for 15 years with various instructors and there is truly no one like Doris. Laura T.

I had been going to Doris’ in-person classes since before the pandemic. One of my main concerns was not being able to go to Doris’ class. Thankfully, she decided to launch the online classes. The online classes have been just as effective as the in-person classes. Doris shows us the poses on her video, and keeps an eye on what we are doing. I’m always amazed at how Doris is able to point out adjustments by just looking at our tiny videos. It also helps to have my own video on the screen to do self-adjustments. There are more classes to pick from online, so I can go to an evening class if I miss the morning class. I continue to notice changes in my core body even though this is an online class. As someone who has hypermobility, this class is a key component of my self-care plan. Divya G.

I have tried many different methods to heal from a chronic hip issue that I have, from acupuncture to lots of PT and foam rolling, and even surgery, but Doris Yoga has been the most helpful work I have done to get me back on track to running again. When I came to her class 6 months ago, I could not run for more than 2 minutes without walking, now I can easily do 30 minutes. My favorite is to run right after going to her class where my body feels and performs at its best! I think I will be doing Doris yoga for many more years to come. Tristen S

I *always* feel so much better after doing Doris Yoga, and, quite frankly, cannot imagine living without it. I started during the pandemic, online, once a week, then progressed to twice, and now average 2-3 times each week. Her focus on building body alignment and strength in stages (hip flexors, deeeep abs & glutes, lats, inner lining of legs) has given me more energy and balance—literally as well as figuratively—in my daily activities, and in walking/swimming/personal training. (As context, I’m a 5’8” 170+ lb female approaching 60 w a hip replacement, somewhat active though never very flexible.) Even though my squats are a continual work in progress, I feel like my body moves so much more organically now, the way it should, with joints plugged into sockets and everything working in concert. Thank you, Doris!  Joan M

Working with Doris has made me understand that this practice is not just a workout, it’s a way of living, literally breathing (I’ve been breathing through my nose more naturally these days!), moving and healing. I happened to share with her specific ailments I thought I’d have to suffer through indefinitely, (migraines) that kept me from being able to attend class. In response, Doris restructured that day’s class to show me how I can use yoga to help alleviate my migraines. I’ve never had that kind of dedication before and it makes me that much more grateful for her attentiveness and encouragement toward all of us and our specific goals – Lauren C

Our lemon tree branches needed to be cut.  I climbed the tree as my ladder didn’t reach the tree branch that needed to be cut.  One of the branches I was cutting down gave way and caused me to fall off the tree.  Miraculously, I landed in a squat position on the ground, and said “Thank you, Doris!”  I did not sustain any injuries and walked away with just a few scratches on my legs. I attribute this miracle to all the hip stability, butt and lat work we have been doing in class. Thank you Doris!” – Pearl V (68 years old) 

As a weekend adventurer and a weekday medical professional, when I had a major rib injury five years ago and my physical therapist recommended avoiding the sports I loved, I knew I needed other options. I’m so lucky I found Doris! Five years after working together, I feel stronger than when I was a teenage athlete. My snow season was record breaking with over 700,000’ of pain free fun. Doris didn’t just fix my last injury- her method teaches you to retain your muscles and corrects all those old patterns and pains I’d collected over the years. I cannot recommend Doris enough! Chloe W

I was grappling with chronic back pain. After a single class with Doris, I found myself smiling and free from pain. Since then, Doris’ style of core stability yoga has played a BIG role in my journey towards achieving mobility, alignment, stability, and endurance.  In the midst of struggling with chronic back issues stemming from scoliosis and poor posture, Doris was a godsend. She not only assisted me in addressing my physical challenges but also played a crucial role in strengthening the connection between my body and mind, restoring my faith in my ability to heal. My day now begins with core stability yoga, bringing a profound sense of balance to my life. Doris incorporates elements such as mindful breathing, muscle activation, and alignment before delving into traditional yoga poses. Through this practice, we not only release blocked energy but also create space for positive energy flow. Divya G

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Dear Planet Granite Management:  All of your yoga teachers at Planet Granite are wonderful, but Doris is able to deliver the early morning incentive and zest that gets us through the day! Doris runs an exceptional program that is almost clinical in its structure. All the movements are based on keeping the mid-line of the body activated. She creates an environment that is very professional for all students to benefit. We are so blessed to have her as an instructor. Marion

Doris is the best yoga teacher I have come across in my 16 years of practicing yoga. Her knowledge of the human body is amazing and her instructions are very clear which is key to doing poses correctly. I have been going to her for 7 years, and I always, always walk out feeling much better and stronger than when I walked in. I fully credit Doris for the fact that I have no back pain, better posture and that I now measure a full 1/2 inch taller than I did 7 years ago! Svava A.


Yoga-based practice with elements of Pilates, core work, and plyometrics to build athletic strength and stamina. Doris Yoga is body awareness and control, actively engaging muscles we may not be accustomed to engaging, strengthening them so we can live pain-free, improve balance, and even build better abdominal strength. Prevent professional burnout! Pai V.


As I became increasingly sedentary during quarantine, I noticed old injuries cropping up in my hip and shoulder, making sleep and sitting difficult. After practicing Doris Yoga for several weeks consistently, I have much more stability in those joints. Doris has helped me wake up areas of my body that are difficult to engage. In addition to healing my injuries and sleeping better, I’ve noticed the added bonus of improved posture and a more muscular tush. Melissa M.


I have been going to Doris Yoga classes twice a week for over four years and it has completely rewired my body. I used to have back and knee pains from running and bad posture. Because of Doris’s classes, those issues are gone now and I have a stronger, more aligned core than ever. I really appreciate Doris’s unconventional approaches to activate and strengthen the center line muscles. Beyond enabling me to live a “pain-free life” (one of Doris’s explicit goals for all her students), I really feel the benefits translate to my climbing, running and swimming. If you haven’t yet, come join us. Eric T.


I suffer from chronic rheumatoid arthritis. Pain meds were how I managed my pains, until I started Doris Yoga Conditioning classes. Her understanding of the muscles/body functions have alleviated most of my pains. I not only function without pain, but I rarely take pain meds these days. Thank you, Doris!! Nancy L.


Doris Yoga’s classes are more like physical therapy boot camp. It is an intense workout that realigns your body and teachers you how to engage and use your core. Every time I go, I walk out feeling stronger. I am able to run, climb, and hike pain free after attending Doris’s class. Amber D.


Due to the small size of the Aerial Alignment class (limited to 10 students per class), you get a lot of personal, customized attention from Doris. You learn effective, valuable techniques which allow for continuous strengthening and healing-which extends beyond the classes. The work with Doris is not just a one-time experience, but a life long journey which we can all benefit from. I see there are three components to the success: a skilled teacher, an effective learning environment, and a willing student. Doris brings her knowledge and care, and incredible passion and love; the studio provides the props and the community to bring everything together; and you bring your intention and commitment (which Doris continues to encourage). It is easy to be successful with this combination! Aerial Alignment Yoga class is unique, hard-working, and impactful, just like the creator Doris herself. It is one of the best investments I have ever made and the gift is perfect for my future-self. The sooner you start, the higher the dividends it will pay. Crack that walnut–you will be surprised by what is inside. You can do it! Jenna H.

Doris Yoga is not what we have come to associate yoga with lately. Her classes go back to the roots of how our human body is supposed to function. She educates her students about their musculoskeletal system and how we can live a pain free life. She has put in the work herself and keeps innovating with her classes which is very evident. And her movements are simple but ohh so effective. We can get so much out of doing so little if it’s done right. I dealt with a lot of back pain during my pregnancy and I’m so glad I found her. Its been five years and only wish I had found her sooner! Working on my alignment and core – hip flexors butt, abs and lats! Divya G.


Thank you for continuing the online classes! Those are so great for me. And thank you so much for what you do to help me understand and develop balance in my body. I am pain free now, after attending your classes and learning the principles that you teach us, so that when I do feel that something is off-balance or painful, I know what to do to help it heal and stay strong. Thank you thank you! Sarah M


All my adult life I heard body therapists telling me that I needed to be aligned, but a massage was just a transient solution. Since February I started doing daily Zoom classes with Doris, I have felt a huge difference in my body. I don’t have the need to see my body therapist every week. Now I can drive for two hours without having to stop and stretch and/or having that excruciating pain in my lower back once I get out of the car. Overall, my posture whether standing or seating, and even my body awareness when swimming, has definitely changed. Doris’ energy, positive attitude, dedication to her students, and determination to make us feel and understand the long-term benefits of her program is a big part of why I keep coming back. The poses are tough but the results speak for themselves! And at the end of the practice, I know “all is well”. Francina L.


I realized that I was correct in thinking that I was getting weak in my 50s, I had been a runner since my teen years, done 10ks in my 30s, 1/2 marathons in my 40s, sometimes 3 times in a year, I was spent. Giving it all and not replenishing anything back. The first few classes were nothing but torture, but I knew I needed it if I was too ever to get better, to feel a little stronger again; then it became easier after a couple of months; not too take it for granted, this is a lifestyle change, not a silver bullet. I look forward to continuing this practice, it is one of a kind; having done yoga in the past, this is not any kind of yoga, this is a new kind of yoga. I can feel that I have muscles again, I can lift and move objects again that I couldn’t before and I feel aligned, the change in my body, and mind, is much appreciated and exactly what I was searching for. Cynthia J.


When my PT said no climbing my heart sunk, but I refused to give up. I decided to train with Doris instead and she taught me how to get that shoulder back in place and keep it there! That mind-body connection gets stronger with each class. I just came back from a trip to Lover’s Leap and am so immensely grateful to be back on the wall pain free! Marina V.


I showed up to Doris Yoga a year ago, desperately searching for a practice to alleviate debilitating hip pain. Years of running, rucking under heavy loads, lifting weights, knee injuries, biking for transportation and constant sitting at my desk job left my hips in such bad shape that the only painless position was laying down. After just one session with Doris, I walked away with entirely pain free hips – it felt like a miracle at a time I was sure I’d be in pain forever. When I started to run again, I was able to with no hip or knee pain – all credit goes to Doris and her brilliant, acutely attentive instruction. I’m still in awe of how differently my body moves as a result of this practice (especially after investing in the props) – abs, hips and lats engaged, propelling me forward. Doris is a master of the minute complexities of the body, attentive to each individual in her encouraging coaching, dynamic as her techniques evolve and 110% dedicated to our growth. She cares deeply about her students and ensuring our bodies are aligned and strong for the rest of our lives. Doris Yoga has been life altering. If you are considering doing Doris Yoga, please, just do it!!! Your body will thank you indefinitely and you will wish you had started sooner! Lauren C


The core training class taught by Doris is a unique, amazing, and transformative class that has activated and strengthened neglected core muscles that I forgot I have. The use of these core muscles has benefitted my climbing and everyday activities, and I make sure to never miss a class. Having access to the core training class by itself is worth the cost of my membership at the climbing gym. I recommend this class to anyone who can benefit from a stronger core. Russell G


It was amazing to be in a small group class with a teacher like Doris. It is always a big burst in my energy level after in-person class with Doris. After the class I love walking. My legs were light and moving without restrictions. My hands also moved freely. It was a pleasure to walk around.” Daniela T


Just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do every week with all of us at movement. I’m coming with a history of arthritis in my family and with extremely tight hips, your class has just done wonders to my body. From not being able to do leg raises on the bar, yesterday I discovered I’m able to touch my toes to the bar and I have been trying this for months before I started your class. Thank you thank you!!! 🙏 Harsha R