Dolomites, Northern Italy 2024


 June 28 to July 6 2024

Available spots: 7

Doris is hosting a 6-day lodge-to-lodge yoga and trekking holiday in the beautiful Dolomites, Northern Italy. It will culminate in a 1 and 1/2-day and 2-night visit to Venice. Each day will consist of an hour’s early morning yoga class followed by a 5–6-hour trek of around 10 miles.

SIGN UP BY FEB 15: $2,950 | MAR 15: $3,150 | APR 15: $3,350  

For more information, please email Doris Yoga for a detailed itinerary, registration, what to bring, cost includes & excludes, deposit fee, travel insurance, and terms and conditions.

Itinerary Outline

Jun 28 (Day 1): Fly into Marco Polo Airport, stay at Hilton Hotel

Jun 29 (Day 2): Drive to Cortina D’Ampezzo, stay at Columbia Hotel (Morning Yoga, Sightseeing)

Jun 30 (Day 3): Walk to Nuvolau, stay at Refugio Nuvolau (Morning Yoga, Trekking)

Jul 1 (Day 4): Walk to Lagazuoi, stay at Refugio Lagazuoi (Morning Yoga, 4.5-hour Trekking)

Jul 2 (Day 5): Walk to Fanes, stay at Refugio Fanes (Morning Yoga, 5-hour Trekking)

Jul 3 (Day 6): Walk to Cortina D’Ampezzo, stay at Columbia Hotel (MorningYoga, 6-hour Trekking)

Jul 4 (Day 7): Drive to Venice, stay at Hotel Kette (Morning Yoga, Non-guided Sightseeing)

Jul 5 (Day 8): All day Venice, stay at Hotel Kette (Yoga, Non-guided Sightseeing)

Jul 6 (Day 9): Return Flight

What People Are Saying

“This is a very unique experience. It’s my first time in Nepal. There were many worries and uncertainties before going. However, when we practiced yoga for the first time in the morning and witnessed the sunrise gradually turning the Annapurna South mountain into a golden hue, the awe and excitement were indescribable.

Doris combines yoga with trekking, and it has to be said that yoga training tailored for trekking has been beneficial for us. It helps reduce the risk of knee and ankle injuries during climbs and ascends, and the grips assist us in relaxing and maintaining balance.

The most surprising aspect of the entire trip was that both the accommodation and food exceeded our expectations! The team including the guides and porters were incredible and provided attentive service! This was a perfect and truly unforgettable journey of a lifetime!”  Ying, Nepal 2023 Trekker