Women’s Climbing & Yoga Workshop
Saturday, March 17th @ 12:30 – 4:00 PM

Explore the mind-body connection while climbing with other women! This dynamic workshop led by professional instructors & instructional designers with over 30 years of combined experience will focus on key topics such as yoga for climbing, women in climbing, and mental training. The session will conclude with a group bouldering session with opportunities to meet climbers with similar goals and interests.

Where: Planet Granite Belmont, 100 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA 94002

Reserve NOW: Doris Yoga – Women’s Climbing & Yoga Workshop 

Fee: $35 Planet Granite Members or $50 Others

Please register to reserve your spot today and enter your name in a raffle to win prizes.
Bring cash or check on day of event.  Advance payment can be made using Venmo @dorisyoga.

Ages 12 and up. All abilities welcome. All female identifying individuals welcome.


“To love what you do and feel that it matters – how could anything be more fun?”

– Katherine Graham

“Due to the small size of the Arial Alignment class (limited to 10 students per class), you get a lot of personal, customized attention from Doris. You learn effective, valuable techniques which allow for  continuous strengthening and healing-which extends beyond the classes. The work with Doris is not just a one time experience, but a life long journey which we can all benefit from. I see there are three components to the success: a skilled teacher, an effective learning environment, and a willing student. Doris brings her knowledge and care, and incredible passion and love; the studio provides the props and the community to bring everything together; and you bring your intention and commitment (which Doris continues to encourage). It is easy to be successful with this combination!  Aerial Alignment Yoga class is unique, hard-working, and impactful, just like the creator Doris herself. It is one of the best investments I have ever made and the gift is perfect for my future-self. The sooner you start, the higher the dividends it will pay. Crack that walnut–you will be surprised by what is inside. You can do it!” ~J.H.
“Since taking your class, my body, mind and soul have grown stronger. My body is able to adjust and maintain healthy muscle activity throughout my daily physical routine at work, yoga and trampoline. The strengthening of my body through your teachings has improve my mindfulness for the moment and thus helping my mind to be open to new challenges and reexamining established attitudes without fear and anger. The cultivating of my body and mind has allowed my soul to be at peace and appreciate the wonders of just being in a dynamic reality.  Now with AAY, I have a greater understanding how to integrate all aspects of body, mind and soul to become one continues flow of centeredness.
With love and gratitude!!!!” ~ Emil