What People Are Saying…

I am a faster and more efficient runner, and by far a more efficient climber.

Doris is a wizard! After a severe spinal injury left me wondering if I’d ever be able to walk normally again (let alone run/hike/climb/ski), and physical therapy wasn’t doing much to help, I found Doris. I am thankful every day for her. I can’t fully describe how much her class and methods have done for me. I am stronger now than I ever was before. I am a faster and more efficient runner, and by far a more efficient climber. She has given me balance, strength, and the knowledge and ability to engage my muscles as they were designed to be used. I feel like I am well on my way to having a “fully functional 360-degree core” as she says. She is tough, and her class will crush you. But, it is worth every second. Thank you, Doris!

Jennifer V.

My movements have improved tremendously!

Doris Yoga is a highlight in my week! And I feel the positive effects for 1-2 days after. For the first time someone is paying detailed attention to my entire musculoskeletal system and giving me exercises that work. I’ve been training with Doris for a month now, after my friend told me that Doris Yoga helped her regain height! That’s right. She’s measuring 1 inch taller now consistently (not a one off data point) at the doctor’s office. Doris discovered immediately that my right hip flexors are weaker, spotted the gaps in my abs and lats and helped me strengthen them in this short period of time. I have much to work on and train but already see the incredible effects. My movements have improved tremendously! Running is easier, dancing is much more fun. Smoother, more range of motion and freer. She’s picky like an old-school ballet teacher who comes around and really does the micro adjustments, the slight pivoting of the heel that makes the world of a difference. She is devoted and not focused on herself. I’ve seen many yoga teachers show off their gorgeous poses but don’t move around to help the newbies. She’s devoted to her students’ successes and celebrates the small wins from day 1. I’m not surprised that she has many, many followers! I’ve become one of them.


“360 degree core”

Doris is a phenomenon. She’s a wizard; a medicine woman. She is able to teach anyone and everyone plenty of new tricks, because she has never stopped making new discoveries herself. Thanks to Doris I learned that your core involves your psoas (connecting your trunk to your legs), and that your “360 degree core” (a term I now love) involves your lats in a big way. What does that mean concretely? It cured my neck pain at my desk job; it cured my long-standing shoulder pain while swimming and climbing; and it cured my hip pain while hiking. It’s not an exaggeration to say she has helped me turn back the clock 10 years on this 40-something body of mine. I don’t mean my looks (although let’s claim a 2-3 year rollback on that, too), I mean how alive and capable and pain free I feel. The value is beyond gold. Strength and vitality makes everything in life better.

Kelly H.

The sooner you start, the higher the dividends it will pay.

Due to the small size of the Arial Alignment class (limited to 10 students per class), you get a lot of personal, customized attention from Doris. You learn effective, valuable techniques which allow for  continuous strengthening and healing-which extends beyond the classes. The work with Doris is not just a one time experience, but a life long journey which we can all benefit from. I see there are three components to the success: a skilled teacher, an effective learning environment, and a willing student. Doris brings her knowledge and care, and incredible passion and love; the studio provides the props and the community to bring everything together; and you bring your intention and commitment (which Doris continues to encourage). It is easy to be successful with this combination! Arial Alignment Yoga class is unique, hard-working, and impactful, just like the creator Doris herself. It is one of the best investments I have ever made and the gift is perfect for my future-self. The sooner you start, the higher the dividends it will pay. Crack that walnut–you will be surprised by what is inside. You can do it!

My body, mind and soul have grown stronger.

Since taking Doris’s class, my body, mind and soul have grown stronger. My body is able to adjust and maintain healthy muscle activity throughout the day at work, yoga, and when I trampoline. The strengthening of my body through Doris’s teachings has improved my mindfulness; moreover helped me become more open to new challenges and reexamine established attitudes without fear and anger. I feel more at peace and more appreciative of the wonders of just being in the moment.  Now, I have a greater understanding of how to integrate all aspects of body, mind and soul to become one continuous flow of centeredness.