About Doris

I’ve always been fascinated by the human body - the way that we move. Movement equals vitality. The desire to move effortlessly and efficiently in my own body is what led me to develop Doris Yoga. Imagine being able to move and do what you love to do for the rest of your life pain-free. That is my goal and the goal for all my students.

After graduating from Tufts University in Massachusetts with a degree in International Relations, I continued my studies in academia and received my Masters in Mass Communications. However, it was when I stepped onto a yoga mat at Foothill College, CA in 1993 that I realized practicing and teaching yoga is my passion and dharma.

Yoga has changed my life through the study of the self. Join me on this yoga journey to rediscover your inner self.

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What is Doris Yoga?

Doris Yoga is body awareness and control, actively engaging muscles we may not be accustomed to engaging, strengthening them so we can live pain-free, improve balance, and build a stronger core.

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How is Doris Yoga different from other styles of yoga?

Doris Yoga integrates many styles of yoga. This stems from her belief that there is only one yoga. Doris yoga focuses on awakening the core stability muscles to bring the body back into its natural alignment to increase body energy and vitality.

Each student's needs are attended to in a Doris Yoga class. From building strength and flexibility to increasing self awareness, every student is on their own path. Doris meets her students where they are.

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What can I expect in a Doris Yoga class?

In a Doris Yoga class, you'll experience a strong focus on alignment. From her decades of experience as both a yogi and yoga instructor, she sees that most injuries are caused by misalignment, imbalances, and lack of space leading to compression of the joints.

You can expect to work on creating balance in the body. Not just the traditional balancing on one or both feet, though. Doris works her students to the core. Practice creating balance between the left and right sides of the body, are a big part of a Doris Yoga class.

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